Dog Training (Coming Soon!)

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Training not only builds your dogs confidence, but also provides mental stimulation and strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

Basic Obedience

Build a better relationship between you and your dog with basic skills

Stronger Bond

Improves not just your pets quality of life but your families as well

Trail Training

Outdoor mulched trails for training and dog walking

A Friend That Obeys

Having a pup that obeys commands strengthens the relationship

What is PackSense?

The PackSense Collar Technique mimics the response behavior a higher ranking member of a natural pack of dogs acts out on a lower ranking member of the pack the moment it violates the Laws of Pack.


PackSense Behavior Modification Training

Is your dog acting out behaviors considered unwanted or aggressive? You don't have a dog issue you have a PACK issue. PackSense enables you to naturally modify your dog's unwanted & aggressive behaviors and achieve command & control over any behavior you don't want it to act out.

Training includes:

  • 1 natural training collar (no shock or prongs)
  • 2 home visits (2 hours each)
  • 4 workout training sessions with owners present at the Club K9 outdoor facility (sessions are 2 hours long and are only scheduled on a Wednesday or Saturday of each week)


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