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All the amenities and benefits as boarding but only for the day.

Spacious Play Areas

Our canine play areas have been carefully crafted to offer a safe and enjoyable environment for your furry friend, whether they prefer indoor or outdoor play. The integration of natural elements into the design stimulates your dog’s curiosity and encourages an active and happy lifestyle.

Comfy Amenities

Our Boarding Accommodations are designed to offer a safe and comfortable stay. We have a range of options available to meet your pet’s needs, including cozy suites, spacious kennels for larger breeds or multiple pets, and economical kennels for those with smaller friends.

Walks & Runs

Looking for a fun way to keep your furry friend active and happy during their stay? With an indoor track and Our walks and runs offers the best of both worlds, with indoor tracks for rainy days and outdoor trails for sunny ones! Whatever the weather, your pup is sure to have a great time with us.


Pets staying at our facility can now take advantage of our fitness program to boost their mental and physical health. Our program includes a variety of exercises that are tailored to each pet’s individual needs, helping them to stay active and engaged during their stay.


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