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Owner Agreement


have read, completed to the best of my knowledge,

and signed the Canine Health and Fitness Assessment Form which confirms my dog(s):

is/are physically able to participate in Club K9 daily fitness sessions. I also agree to the following:

  1. I understand and acknowledge that Club K9 operates outdoor fitness sessions in all weather conditions including rain, heat, snow, and ice. I also understand that fitness sessions may include running or walking on varied surfaces including concrete, asphalt, and dirt; hiking in rugged terrain; swimming in open lakes; and playing at public dog parks where other dogs are likely to be present. Club K9 will take every measure to ensure your dog’s health and safety, but will not be liable for: a. Injuries such as abrasions and cuts, puncture wounds, sore pads, broken nails, or any injury that might occur in an outdoor environment under supervision b. Muddy or dirty coat or paws from outdoor play c. Transfer of communicable diseases such as the Bordatella Virus (Kennel Cough), Canine Influenza(CIV) or parasites (such as worms, fleas, and ticks). All owners are responsible for updating vaccinations, applying flea and tick preventative, and administering heartworm and intestinal preventatives.

  2. I understand and acknowledge that Club K9 will be using a van to transport dogs to and from play areas, groomers, exercise programs, and home. Club K9 (agents and assigns) will not be held liable for injuries incurred as a result of normal vehicular operation, including sudden stops or turns.

  3. Club K9 will treat any health or behavioral problems that may develop in my dog(s) at their sole discretion and I assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses involved.

  4. I am solely responsible for any harm, including to other dogs, Club K9 (agents and assigns), and people encountered during fitness sessions, to any physical property caused by my dog(s) while under Club K9 care.

  5. I will provide Club K9 with a key to my house for the purpose of picking up and dropping off my dog(s). I understand a Club K9 coach will be entering my home for the purpose of picking up and dropping off my dog(s) and ensuring water is readily available for my dog(s).

  6. I release to Club K9 all rights to images, likenesses, or photographs taken of my dog(s) while under the care of Club K9.

  7. Payment is expected in advance of services rendered unless otherwise arranged. Club K9 reserves the right to cancel an exercise sessions due to extreme weather conditions. Services will be provided Monday –Friday, except Holidays, unless otherwise arranged. I will provide cancellation notice to Club K9 within 24-hours of expected service. If my dog(s) are not available when a Club K9 coach arrives, I will be charged the regular rate for that session, whether or not the session is completed. Monthly clients will not receive compensation for a cancelled session.

  8. In the event of the cancellation of a workout or training package, a 15% Service charge will be deducted from the remaining balance due to be refunded back to the client. Refunds will be received by check, or by a refund on the credit card used to purchase the workout/training package. Method of delivery is at the sole discretion of Club K9. All refunds will be processed within 4-6 weeks of initial request.

  9. Additional:


Thanks for submitting!

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